Alpha Gamma Delta

Delta Rho Chapter at Sonoma State University

Chapter Officers

officer Daisy Agers

Daisy Agers


officer Halle Kortlander

Halle Kortlander

Vice President Chapter-Wellness

officer Alexa Sisneros

Alexa Sisneros

Vice President Academic-Excellence

officer Katie Martin

Katie Martin

Vice President Recruitment

officer Carmen Lucena

Carmen Lucena

Vice President Finance

officer Mackenzie Eubanks

Mackenzie Eubanks

Vice President Administration

officer Alina Scott

Alina Scott

Vice President Member Experience

officer Giulie Bermudez

Giulie Bermudez

Vice President New Member Experience

officer Melanie Raymond

Melanie Raymond

Vice President Event-Planning

officer Mikki Taylor

Mikki Taylor

Vice President Marketing

officer Leah Angulo

Leah Angulo

Vice President Campus Relations

officer Mckenna Hurd

Mckenna Hurd

Vice President Community Affairs

officer Rachel Clift

Rachel Clift

Director of Ritual

officer Jennifer Spence

Jennifer Spence

Director of Sisterhood

officer Paige Rumbaugh

Paige Rumbaugh

Director of Academic Enrichment

officer Zoe Doran

Zoe Doran

Director of Membership

officer Kelsey Maganaris

Kelsey Maganaris

Director of Activites

officer Sami Clark

Sami Clark

Assistant Director of Recruitment

officer Megan McKeever

Megan McKeever

Director of Property

officer Kayla Moceri

Kayla Moceri

Director of Communication

officer Bailey Oliver

Bailey Oliver

Director of Sophomore Experience

officer Maddie Flentie

Maddie Flentie

Director of New Member Programs

officer Brittany Jones

Brittany Jones

Director of New Member Engagement

officer Meleina McCann

Meleina McCann

Director of Special Events

officer Shay Daly

Shay Daly

Director of Merchandising

officer Courtney Bagg

Courtney Bagg

Director of Social Media

officer Grace Remeta

Grace Remeta

Director of Leadership

officer Peyton Jones

Peyton Jones

Director of Community Service

officer Katie Medlin

Katie Medlin

Lip Jam Coordinator

officer Tina Pham

Tina Pham

Lip Jam Coordinator

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