Alpha Gamma Delta

Delta Rho Chapter at Sonoma State University

Chapter Officers

officer Kaurie Engle

Kaurie Engle


officer Keira Danehy

Keira Danehy

Vice President Member Development

officer Kara Carpenter

Kara Carpenter

Vice President Operations

Hi! I am Kara Carpenter and I am your Vice President of Operations. I am a senior here at Sonoma studying Communications. I am originally from Sacramento, CA. Being in Alpha Gamma Delta has brought me true friendships, endless laughter and the best times of college. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, sarcasm, huskies, watching Netflix and laughing.

officer Lena Stephens

Lena Stephens

Vice President Scholarship

Hi! My name is Lena and I am currently a junior at Sonoma in the Hutchins program. I start my student teaching next fall and am excited for my future as a teacher! I love Alpha Gam because it has helped me branch out and become a more confident woman because of the many leadership opportunities I have been given. Also, the friendships I have made in this organization are irreplaceable and I know all my sisters are always here to support me!

officer Tess Reddick

Tess Reddick

Vice President Recruitment

Hi! My name is Tess Reddick and I am Vice President of Recruitment. I am from good old Rohnert Park, CA and I am a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business. I currently work as a Human Resources Intern and I love every minute of it. AGD has given me more than I thought was possible. Through joining AGD I have met some of my best friends, had countless volunteer opportunities, and was able to realize that I am able to be a leader. I can't thank Alpha Gam enough for giving me the support and confidence throughout my college career!

officer Daisy Agers

Daisy Agers

Alpha Experience (New Member Educator)

Daisy Agers here, and I'm the Alpha Experience Coordinator! I grew up in Clayton CA. I am studying Early Childhood Education so I can become a kindergarten teacher. Alpha Gamma Delta has given me friendships that will last a lifetime, leaderships skills that will help be in my future career and memories that I will never forget.

officer Shelby Olivas

Shelby Olivas

Vice President Finance

officer Cassidy Barber

Cassidy Barber

Vice President Campus Relations

-From Anaheim, CA -Business major with a concentration in management & a minor in Econ -Hobbies: cooking, traveling, spin classes/biking -Fun facts: I’m Canadian & you can usually find me at starbs or in the library

officer Julia Walker

Julia Walker

Delta Experience Coordinator

officer Lexy Lenahan

Lexy Lenahan

Philanthropy Coordinator

officer Katie Martin

Katie Martin

Assistant Recruitment

Hi! My name is Katie Martin and I am the Assistant Recruitment Coordinator! I grew up in Modesto CA and I am studying Early Childhood Studies so I can become a multi-subject elementary school teacher! Alpha gam has given me the sisters I have always wanted. I would not be the person I am today without the support and guidance of my sisters and newly found best friends!

officer Cassidy Ramos

Cassidy Ramos

Membership Coordinator

officer Danielle Boccio

Danielle Boccio

Purchasing Coordinator

officer Kailey Priest

Kailey Priest

Public Relations Coordinator

Hi my name is Kailey Priest and I am am from Manhattan Beach in SoCal. I am a Women's and Gender Studies Major and an English Minor. Also, I am in charge of Public Relations for AGD here at Sonoma State University and couldn't be happier. AGD has opened so many doors for me from friends to opportunities outside of the school environment and I honestly don't know where I would be without all me beautiful sisters.

officer Kylie Balisteri

Kylie Balisteri

Publications Coordinator

officer Lauren Provost

Lauren Provost

Alum Relations Coordinator

officer Kelsey Maganaris

Kelsey Maganaris

Activites Coordinator

officer Mckenna Hurd

Mckenna Hurd

Assistant Panhellenic Delegate

Hiya, I'm McKenna Hurd and I'm the assistant panhellenic delegate. I'm from Los Alamitos, CA and I am a freshman english major with an emphasis in earning a single-subject credential so i can become a high school teacher! AGD has given me a true home away from home and could not imagine my college experience without my sisters along the way!

officer Halle Kortlander

Halle Kortlander

Correspondence Coordinator

My name is Halle I'm from Santa Clarita, CA! I'm currently a sophomore in the Hutchins program studying to be an elementary school teacher. I love Alpha Gam because it has really given me a home away from home, my sisters have been there for me when I needed them most and I couldn't imagine my college career without them.

officer Jordan Roberts

Jordan Roberts

Social Media Coordinator

officer Mikki Taylor

Mikki Taylor

Multimedia Coordinator

Hi my name is Mikki Taylor and i'm from Ukiah Ca! I am a communications major & Sophomore here at Sonoma State. Joining AGD has been the biggest blessing to my college experience. AGD has also given me the confidence and opportunities to better my self for my future and has pushed me to be a better student, but most importantly it has given me my best friends and memories that ill have forever.

officer Melanie Raymond

Melanie Raymond

Social Coordinator

Hey! I'm Melanie Raymond from Vacaville, Ca and I'm Property Coordinator. I love AGD because I've found my best friends and a home at Sonoma State. I'm a second year and a Communications Major and plan on joining the Air Force as a Public Affairs Officer. I'm currently in the process of bringing a College Conservative club on campus(:

officer Alina Scott

Alina Scott

Ritual Coordinator

Hi my name is Alina Scott, I'm Alpha Gamma Delta's Ritual Coordinator. I love Alpha Gamma Delta because it brought me my best friends and it has made me a better person. I am a double major in Psychology and Chicano Latino Studies and hopefully to become a Clinical Social Worker. I enjoy watching Netflix and hanging out with sisters.

officer Giulie Bermudez

Giulie Bermudez

Gamma Experience Coordinator (Juniors)

officer Peyton Jones

Peyton Jones

Gamma Experience Coordinator (Sophomores)

officer Hannah Engel

Hannah Engel

Property Coordinator

officer Katie Medlin

Katie Medlin

Sisterhood Coordinator/Lip Jam Coordinator

officer Tina Pham

Tina Pham

Lip Jam Coordinator

officer Meg Walsh

Meg Walsh

Personal Development Coordinator

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